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A Wild Winner of the Fremantle to Bali Ocean Classic

Friday, 02 June 2017

A Wild Winner of the Fremantle to Bali Ocean Classic

This year’s Fremantle to Bali Ocean Classic rally race has come to a jubilant end with Garth Curran’s Inglis 58, Walk on the Wildside taking line honours. First IRC and first YAH, Wildside’s winning time was the third fastest on record.

The popular event saw superb weather throughout the race which finished with an open-air presentation dinner hosted by the Indonesian Government to showcase their country’s culture. The event not only brings together sailor racers and cruisers but provides an economic boost to Bali as the 70 racers, who were accompanied by over 50 family members and friends stay on in the country.

Rob Thomas announced the next event in 2020 was set in stone and it is possible that sponsorship support from the Indonesian Department of Tourism may return for that event.

Some interesting statistics from the event:

- Scarlet Ribbon's ETA at Benoa was only 46 minutes and 10 seconds off her actual arrival time.

- Toroa IV completed the voyage with just 3.5 hours on the engine and still managed to be remarkably close on her ETA's along the way. She won the Rally points score.

- Kondili's crew produced the very best video on the way, complete with an authentic, original sound track. 

- One boat managed to complete the 1440 nautical mile voyage with just 1028.5 miles on the clock. We hope he does not have to do any dead reckoning using his ship's log!

First:  Toroa IV, Paul Schapper
Second: (with some superb video): Kondili, Josh Hearse
Third:  Napea, Craig & Janette Hansen
Navigator’s Prize:  Joe Czeschka (Sadiqi Ra)
Endurance Award:  Sadiqi Ra
Rally Line Honours:  Napea, Craig & Janette Hansen
Closest to the pin: The Boulder Yacht Club entry, Scarlet Ribbon – only 46 minutes and 10 seconds off its predicted arrival at the Bali finish line – far away the closest.

Full results can be found here >>>

The Race record of 5 days 23 hours 30 minutes continues to be held by Tony Mitchell’s Super Sled set in 2013.

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