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Thursday, 13 October 2016


Andy Lamont has, this month, set sail from Southport Yacht Club for almost a year sailing at sea to set a new world record. 

Onboard his 34ft S&S yacht Impulse, Andy hopes to be the first sailor to circle the world in a westerly direction, solo and unassisted in a yacht smaller than 40ft.

It is well known that more people have been into space than those who have successfully circumnavigated the world non-stop, solo. Andy wants to become one of these people and wants to do it backwards. 

The Gold Coast father of three wants to be the first sailor to achieve this record and has been talking of this journey since he was seven years old. 

Considered as the ‘wrong way around’ sailing west to east against the prevailing winds and tides makes this already tough journey very challenging. It will mean facing the winds the entire way round resulting in more tacking and taking on the steep faces of the oceans waves. 

The 30,000 some miles will be covered by Andy and Impulse leaving the East coast of Australia into the Indian Ocean to Africa and then onto the Atlantic Ocean heading for Cape Horn. 

“It is a narrow stretch of water there in the Southern Ocean where all of the winds and all of the currents condense into a little 600-mile gap between Cape Horn and Antarctica. So we have to get through there against the prevailing winds and against the currents, so the seas can be mountainous and it is generally always stormy.”

The keen sailor, kite surfer and successful businessman reflected on if he was nervous of the trip ahead of him: “That’s just life isn’t it? You’re always nervous before you do something great.”

Andy has received lots of luck and well wishes from fellow Australian sailors and we would also like to wish him all the very best on this epic journey and hope to see him safely returned next September. 

Follow his progress via live tracking here> http://yb.tl/Impulse

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