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Dedicated to Cleaning up our Oceans

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Dedicated to Cleaning up our Oceans

4Ocean, set up by two surfing and ocean enthusiast friends Alex and Andrew, is the global movement offering a 100% recycled bracelet that purposefully and proudly funds the removal of litter from our oceans and coastlines.

A huge task in itself to take on the mountainous quantity of litter that is rapidly consuming our oceans, seas, rivers and beaches across the globe, 4Ocean promotes their recycled ocean bangle with the motto; one bracelet one pound.

When purchasing a bracelet from their website you are removing nearly 500 grams of rubbish from the ocean. The money from the sale of the bracelets goes towards funding the beach, offshore and worldwide cleanups.

Currently the movement has pulled a whopping 139 tonnes of rubbish from the oceans by removing trash from coastlines before it reaches the seas and utilising their full-time
captains and crews who are activley cleaning the oceans and intracoastal waterways.

Anyone from anywhere can join the 4Ocean team and help in ocean litter removal efforts worldwide. With overwhelming response from their supporters, 4Oceans was able to successfully remove more than 250,000 pounds of trash from the ocean in their first year alone. This was only made possible by the continual purchase of our Original - Signature Blue 4Ocean Bracelet and four additional Limited Edition Bracelets released in 2017.

4ocean iconThey now have seven full-time sea captains working seven days a week - all year long. In 2017 4Ocean led beach and underwater cleanups in 16 different countries across the globe and continued their mission to clean the world’s oceans and build a more sustainable future.

The goal for 2018 is to remove 1 MILLION pounds (453 tonnes) of litter from the oceans and beaches.

Join the global movement, help save our oceans and buy your bracelet here >>>

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