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Free Global Disaster Alerts

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Free Global Disaster Alerts

Are you signed up with the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System that provides early warning of global disasters via an SMS message? This free service is invaluable for tsunami, earthquake and other emergencies and will send alerts to up to five mobile telephones per subscriber

GDACS provides real time access to web-based disaster information systems and related coordination tools.

Mark Ainscough commented on the service: “Cathy and I have been subscribers for several years and for those that frequent countries where there is limited warning the process is very useful.”

GDACS is a cooperation framework between the United Nations, the European Commission and disaster managers worldwide to improve alerts, information exchange and coordination in the first phase after major sudden-onset disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Providing alerts and impact estimation after major disasters through a multi-hazard disaster impact assessment service managed by the European Commission Joint Research Centre. To this end, JRC establishes scientific partnerships with global hazard monitoring organisations. Flood disasters are provided by the Dartmouth Flood Observatory. Relevant data is integrated automatically into GDACS alerts and impact estimations. 

During the first days after majoy sudden-onset disasters, the affected country and a vast number of international actors collect and analyse information in order to plan their response. This activity is typically carried out simultaneously with varying speed, relevance and accuracy, using multiple information channels and applying different procedures. 

Register to receive the free alerts here > register.gdacs.org  

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