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Monday, 27 February 2017


Topsail’s Senior Underwriter, Daniel Groves has recently made the 8,989 mile journey from the Head office in Brighton, UK to Fremantle, Australia.

Six years ago, Daniel 18, started his journey with Topsail Insurance as an apprentice. As he settles in to his new home and office in sunny Western Australia we calculated the time difference for a catch-up chat.

Sharing his thoughts with us from the Topsail Australia's Fremantle office, Daniel comments on how he felt when first asked to join the overseas team.

“I felt very positive about this request and grateful to be given such a great opportunity. It made me realise that the Directors must consider me to be a valuable asset to the team and think highly of me.

I think I went through every emotion known to man about emigrating, but at the start I was excited/ exhilarated more than anything. Then the worry, anxiety and guilt of venturing into the unknown to start a new life kicked in, but then followed again with the excitement to start something new and mould a new life.

The first month here has been really good. I have moved into a house with some cool people, got myself a car, have been making friends, kayaking, surfing, SUP’ing and soon to be sailing!

The opportunity to move to Australia has been the greatest moment and also achievement for me. This is a life changing opportunity which has opened hundreds of new doors for me to build on my professionalism and on my own self. It will be great character building and will allow me to travel to locations I thought I would never get a chance to go to.  

Topsail has given me numerous opportunities to develop my own skills and build me into the young professional I am today. They have supported me every step of the way and continue to offer their support from across the globe. They are always keen for me to get further qualifications and studies under my belt and will be with me all the way throughout the process of doing this.

I do miss my friends and family from back home, also working with the UK team and Barkley (the office dog)! I go through bouts of homesickness, but that’s all part of the development. Fremantle has some great beaches and bars which I have been visiting on a regular basis! I have been out here for over a month now and I already feel that I have developed more as a person by becoming more independent and self-reliant.”

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