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The Topsail Insurance group has been operating since 1996, first established in the UK and then opening offices in Perth and now in Sydney.

Topsail’s first office in Perth was set up by cruising yachties and insurance agents, Mark Ainscough and Cathy Charlick who in April 2010, set sail from Fremantle Sailing Club, making their way up the west coast of Australia, through The Kimberley to Darwin and then on through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Looking for a new Yacht Insurance policy, they came across Topsail Insurance Ltd who were able to offer a policy to suit their requirements – they became agents for Topsail and they never looked back.

Upon return to their home base of Fremantle, they agreed to take on the task of formally opening the Topsail Perth office which they continue to do. Their extensive cruising and boating experience together with their insurance expertise gives them a unique ability to relate and understand customer’s needs.

With the success of the Perth office, Topsail decided to open their third office in Sydney to give those on the East Coast an opportunity to have a local representation.

This office is now well established and is able to support the group in its development. Yacht Underwriting Manager, Dan Groves, emigrated to Australia after working for Topsail in the UK for 5 years and being involved in watersports himself, enjoys looking after yachties and boaters insurance requirements.

Topsail is committed to ensuring a safe and caring environment for those affected by family violence. Please see our Family Violence Policy for more details. 

Why Topsail?

  • Your call WILL NOT be held in a queue.
  • You WILL NOT be asked to push a succession of different buttons before reaching someone.
  • You WILL have a dedicated account handler, with others on hand when they are unavailable.
  • You WILL reach a member of our team who is as passionate about your next trip, passage or adventure as you are.

Mark Ainscough

Managing Director

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Daniel Groves

Yacht Underwriting Manager

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Robert Stevens

Corporate General Manager

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Chris McGowan

Accounts Director

Charlotte Fenn

Account Executive

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