Superyacht Insurance,
tailored specifically to you

Arranging specialist insurance cover for your Hull and Machinery, Protection and Indemnity and Crew cover.

What our customers say

John thinks we’re great to deal with and can’t recommend us enough

I was told Topsail would be good to deal with. That was wrong, they are GREAT to deal with. Can not recommend them high enough. Communication, personal service are perfect!

John Lupton

With more than 25 years of marine insurance experience we are experts in looking after your Superyacht, its valuable contents,
crew and guests.

Whether you are an owner, manager or skipper, Topsail has access to first class insurers including Lloyd’s of London underwriters, and are able to provide you with exceptional service, guidance and advice on the best options to cover your Superyacht. 

We can arrange Hull and Machinery, Protection and Indemnity and Crew Personal Accident cover, all at competitive terms.