Travel FAQ’s when chartering a boat

If you are chartering a boat from one of our travelpartners then the following questions and answers may assist in purchasing yourYachtsman’s Travel Insurance policy:

1) Why do I need Yachtsman’s travel insurance ?

  • Peace of mind that you and your crew are covered
  • If you have to cancel your holiday, then you may be able to recover your booked flights, accommodation and other expenses including the yacht charter.
  • If there is a cyclone there is also some cover for the cancellation of your holiday.
  • If you cause damage to the boat then the loss of your bond or charter deposit can be covered (this is optional cover and subject to an additional premium).
  • In the event of accidental death or seriously injury then you may be able to claim financial assistance for your family or in your own recovery.
  • It may cover you if your personal items or baggage are stolen.
  • If you cause injury to someone else then legal expenses for personal liability is covered. (Important: this is not for the boat or for you operating the boat)

2) What is Boat Charter Deposit cover?

  • By taking up this option, it will cover your deposit or bond, up to the chosen amount for theft or damage to your charter boat.  

3) Which Yachtsman’s policy do I need

  • If you are doing a one-off trip chartering a boat for a few weeks and not likely to need sailing travel insurance again in the same year, then we recommend the Yachtsman’s Single Trip policy
  • If you are likely to do multiple charters or sailing for longer periods, then we recommend you look at our Yachtsman’s annual multi-trip policy. This covers you sailing and going on leisure trips (not sailing) throughout the year, as many times as you like as long as it doesn’t exceed your allotted maximum time away any one trip.

    Definition: A Trip means a holiday that commences and ends from Your Home or place of employment in Australia

4) I am the skipper, should I just take out insurance or include my crew ?

  • We recommend that the skipper and all the crew are covered under the policy. In the event that the holiday is cancelled, it may only cover the individual(s)named under the policy for their proportionate share.
  • Cyclone cancellation cover is provided by the Yachtsman’s policy and no other company provides this.

5) We are travelling as 2 families/groups should we all go on one policy ?

  • It is up to you, but we suggest that different families take out their own family’s separate policy as there is no cost difference.

6) Does it cover me for bad weather ?

  • If the charter company cancels your trip due to a declared cyclone then there is cancellation cover under your policy.
  • If you use public transport (e.g. ferry, aeroplane, bus etc) that is disrupted for a prolonged period then there is cancellation cover provided.
  • Otherwise, the policy does not cover disruption for bad weather.

7) Will my travel policy cover me if I damage someone else’s boat ?

  • No, it does not cover any liability related to the boat, please refer to your charter company to ensure that you and the boat are covered. Your charter company may have arrangements to cover your boat liability under a separate policy option.

8) Can I just take out the Charter Deposit cover ?

  • Unfortunately, the charter deposit cover is only available as an extension to the main travel cover and cannot be purchased separately

9) Can I tailor the cover ?

  • If you are travelling abroad, then there is the option to exclude the medical cover. If you are travelling or chartering in Australia then we cannot amend the policy.

10) Does it cover medical in Australia ?

  • Medical cover cannot be provided in Australia as this has to be provided by Medicare. If travelling within your home country of Australia, section 2) of the policy Emergency Medical Expenses is not operative.

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