Make a Travel Insurance Claim

When travelling, things don’t always go to plan. Topsail are here to support you in making your travel insurance claim.

    In The Event Of A Claim  

Please let us know as soon as  practicable of any accident, illness, damage or occurrence which causes or may cause a claim to be made under the Yachtsman’s Policy.  

Please see the Yachtsman's Travel PDS and Policy Wording for the full details and requirements of the claims procedure.


  •     Medical  Assistance Notification  
  •     In the event of a serious  illness or injury during your  trip which will require hospitalization, in the first instance you must  telephone the 24 hour Medical Assistance line:  
  • +44 (0)203 564 7900


  •     All other claims, correspondence and supporting documentation should  be sent to:  ProClaim  Locked Bag 32012, Collins St East, VIC 8003
     Ph: +61 2 9287 1302

Reporting requirements

Where practicable, claims must be reported within 30 days

Claims evidence

There are a number of documents that may be required to show as evidence of a trip and any loss that may have occurred.

  1. A police report from the local police in the country where the incident occurred for any claim for loss, theft or attempted theft.
  2. A Property Irregularity Report from the airline or a letter from the carrier where the loss, theft or damage occurred in their custody.
  3. A letter from your tour operator’s representative, hotel or accommodation provider where appropriate.
  4. All travel tickets and tags.
  5. Receipts or valuations for items lost, stolen or damaged and for all items of clothing, medication and toiletries replaced if Your personal baggage or property are temporarily lost in transit for more than 12 hours.
  6. A letter from the carrier confirming the number of hours your personal baggage was delayed for.
  7. Proof of damage and/or repair (where applicable).
  8. Any other relevant information that you may be asked for.

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